I trained as an actor first. I always wanted to be an actor and still love creating and performing characters from scripted plays. I am also passionate about being deeply involved in producing plays – particularly new writing. It was while directing our final show on our actor training that I was inspired by the way I saw Alan Ayckbourn talking to our actors. I remember distinctly thinking: “I would have said that too” and I knew that this was something I need to do.

I don’t like sitting around waiting for the phone to ring or a shiny fish hook to pull me out of the stream so I would rather be out making my own work. Constantly learning and developing my skills as a director allows me to do just that. I enjoy organisation and ensuring every discipline is pulling in the same direction – employing delegation and nurturing people to do their best.

I recently went back to university to undertake a MA Directing degree at University of Cumbria while also continuing to work in Manchester as acting tutor and actor. This was completed in July 2018 with the staging of Punk Rock by Simon Stephens in a studio theatre.

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Also: CrossFit – I love CrossFit! This is a new approach to fitness to me. It is somewhat a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none when it comes to learning skills for gymnastics, weightlifting or calisthenics but having been enthused by my coaches at CrossFit Northern Soul I have taken up attending speciality classes to hone in the skills I learn at our “box” – this is what we call our gyms, its like some sort of playpen for adults! I have competed in the Rainhill Trials (now a national competition seeing people from all over the UK and Europe come to Manchester) and look to compete in as many competitions as possible as an individual or a team.