I always want the actor’s job to be easier and to this end I am hugely passionate about coaching actors in technique.

I teach Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Sunday classes at ActUpNorth and take great pride in seeing the wonderful talent that comes through our door and shines on their way out. Our students take a thoroughly dedicated approach to learning their new skills (or refreshing old ones) by listening in class and asking questions when something is not clear. Each week they are put through their paces. The partnership of coach-and-student keeps me enthusiastic about their development as it is easy to see quick results with the hard work they put in. 
One proud moment at the end of 2017’s Summer term was several students whom have been to drama school say that finally they understand the Stanislavski process of mining the text for information and can now understand how to unit a scriptcreate meaningful objectives and execute this preparation properly. 

Although rare, I do teach younger students and have taught ages 9 – 16 at a Youth Theatre in Humsaugh, Northumberland and pupils of mixed ages at Crompton House CofE School.