written by Alan Ayckbourn
directed by Barry Evans | November 2014
New Playhouse (Manchester) | troublehouse theatre company
Stage Manager Lizzie Carr
Gerry Ben Rigby
Laura Hilly Barber
Glyn Rick Bithell
Stephanie Elinor Dixon
Adam Barney Cooper
Maureen Amey Woodhall
Calvinu/Tuto/Dinka/Aggi/Bengie Eddie Capli



Time of My Life may be twenty-two years old but it’s still as fresh and as entertaining as ever as Troublehouse Theatre bring Alan Ayckbourn’s social comedy to life in a brand new production… Manchester’s New Playhouse’s intimate venue provides the perfect setting for the play, with the audience sat close to the action and directly addressed at times. The format works well with Ayckbourn’s clever use of social commentary drawing you into the piece… A strong performance by a talented cast.
Donna Kelly | WhatsOnStage
The chaotic opener is stylishly done and perfectly sets us up from the off, nicely introducing us to the various characters… Director Barry Evans should be very chuffed. His ability to keep the interaction between the characters as slick as it was is commendable, and the physicality was perfectly-placed throughout. The timings were good (particularly the opening), and everything just felt right; we could relax whilst watching.

Christopher Graham | RemoteGoat.com